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Welcome to the Hogan Lab!

We use the quantum-mechanical properties of ultracold strontium atoms to perform precision measurements and tests of fundamental physics. Check out our research page for details.

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New Paper
Collinear three-photon excitation of a strongly forbidden optical clock transition

We engineer a novel collinear three-photon process to drive the ¹S₀ to ³P₀ clock transition in ⁸⁸Sr.

Clock Atom Interferometry

We are combining features of the world's most precise atomic clocks with novel tools in matter-wave optics.


The Matter-wave Atomic Gradiometer Interferometric Sensor (MAGIS-100) is a next-generation quantum sensor under construction at Fermilab.

Join our Lab

We are always looking for curious and motivated people to join our research group! Are you an undergraduate or graduate student with interest in atom interferometry and testing fundamental physics? Are you a postdoc with experience in atomic and optical physics? Please reach out to Jason Hogan